Howard J. Moore Company, Inc.| Military Specifications

Howard J. Moore Company, Inc.

Military Specifications

MIL-M-14G Molding Plastics and Molded Parts, Thermosetting
MIL-P-77C Plastic Sheet and Plastic Rod, Thermosetting Cast
MIL-P-78A Engraving Stock Rigid Laminated Sheet
MIL-P-79C Thermoset Rod and Tube, Melamine and Phenolic, Glass Cotton and Paper Reinforced
MIL-P-80C Plastic Sheet, Acrylic Base, Antielectrostatic, Transparent (for indicating instrument windows)
MIL-P-149A Plastic Coating Compound, Strippable (hot dipping)
MIL-I-631 Electrical Insulation Tubing, Film, Sheet and Tape, Vinyl, Polythylene and Polyester
MIL-695 Insulation, Electrical, Paper (slot-cell)
MIL-I-742C Fiberglass Thermal Insulation board
MIL-P-997C Thermoset Silicone Resin Sheets, Glass Reinforced
MIL-Y-1140E Fiber Glass Tar, Cord, Sleeving, Tape and Cloth
MIL-P-1394C Laminated Plastic Sheet, Copper-Clad
MIL-C-2439B Container, Ammunition, Fiber Spirally Wound
MIL-P-3054A Polyethylene Special Material (See L-P-590)
MIL-I-3064 Insulation, Electrical, Plastic-Sealer
MIL-P-3086 Non-Rigid Polyamide (Nylon) Resin
MIL-B-3106 Board, Composition, Water-Resistant, Solid
MIL-P-3115B Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, paper Reinforced
MIL-I-3190B Insulation Sleeving, Flexible, Treated
MIL-P-3408 Plastic-Material, Molding Rigid Thermoplastic Aniline, Formaldehyde for use in Electronic Communications and Allied Electrical equipment
MIL-P-3409 Plastic Material, Molding, Rigid Thermoplastic, Polydichlorostyrene, for use in Electronic, Communications and Allied Electrical Equipment
MIL-P-3410 Plastic Material, Molding, Rigid Thermoplastic, Polyvinylchloride and Copolymers thereof; for use in Electronic Communications and Allied Equipment
MIL-P-3584A Plastic Sheet, Polyvinylchloride, Plasticized Elastomeric
MIL-P-3754 Resin, Phenol-Formaldehyde, Laminating
MIL-3787E Glass Laminated, Flat; (Except Aircraft)
MIL-P-3803 Cancelled--Superseded by MIL-P-21822, LP-390, LP- 512A, LP-378A
MIL-I-3825A Insulation Tape, Electrical, Self-Fusing
MIL-L-3891A Lumniescent Material and Equipment (Non- radioactive)
MIL-T-4117A Tape, Asbestos
MIL-C-4222B (ASG)--Cloth, Polyethylene, Leno
MIL-P-4640A Polyethylene Film for balloon use
MIL-R-4874 Rope, Polyethylene
MIL-T-5038 Tape, Textile and Webbing, Textile, Reinforcing, Nylon
MIL-C-53028 Cloth, Coated and Laminated, Chloroprene on Nylon
MIL-P-5425B Acrylic Sheet, Heat Resistant
MIL-P-5431A Phenolic, Graphite Filled Sheet, Rods, Tubes and Shapes
MIL-C-5537A Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
MIL-W-5625E Webbing, Textile, Nylon, Tubular
MIL-6264B Vinyl Copolymers, Unplasticized unpigmented and unfilled
MIL-P-6265A Plastic Sheet, Vinyl Copolymer Thin
MIL-W-7139B Wire, Electrical Polytetrafluoroethylene -- Insulated, Copper, 600 volt
MIL-I-7444B Insulation Sleeving, Flexible Electrical
MIL-C-7515B Cord, Nylon, Coreless
MIL-R-7575B Resin, Polyester, Low Pressure Laminating
MIL-R-7575C Resin, Polyester, Low Pressure Laminating
MIL-C-7637B Cloth, Coated, Asbestos
MIL-P-7788A Plaste, Plastic, Lighting
MIL-P-7788D Panels, Information, Integrally Illuminated
MIL-I-7798A Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive
MIL-L-7806A Light Panel, Plastic Plate Lighting
MIL-P-8013C Plastic Materials, Polyester Resin, Glass Fiber Base, Low Pressure Laminated
MIL-P-8059A Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheets and Tubes, Asbestos Paper and Cloth, Reinforced (See L-P-509A)
MIL-8073A Core Material, Plastic Honeycomb, Laminated Glass Fabric Base, for Aircraft Structural Applications
MIL-P-8184 Acrylic Plastic Sheet, Modified
MIL-P-8257 Polyester Base, Cast Transparent Sheet, Thermosetting
MIL-C-8514C Coating Compound Metal Pre-treatment, Resin- Acid
MIL-A-8576A Adhesive, Acrylic Monomer Base, for Acrylic Plastic
MIL-P-8587A Cellulose Acetate Sheet Colored, Transparent
MIL-P-8655A Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Postforming Cotton Reinforced
MIL-S-9041A Sandwich Construction, Plastic Resin, Glass Fabric Base, Laminated Facings and Honeycomb Core for Aircraft Sturctural Applications
MIL-C-9084B Cloth, Glass, Finished, for Polyester Resin Laminates
MIL-R-9299A Resin, Phenolic, Low Pressure Laminating
MIL-P-9300A Resin, Epoxy, Low Pressure Laminating
MIL-P-9400A Plastic Laminated Materials and Sandwich Construction, Glass Fiber Base, Low Pressure Aircraft Structural, Processor Specificications Requirements
MIL-9969 Polyurethane, Rigid, Unicellular, Foam-In, Place for Packaging
MIL-F-10336C Fiber Sheet, Vulcanized
MIL-F-10400A Film, Flexible Vinyl
MIL-F-10408A Plastic Cellulose Acetate Molding, Material and Molded Parts
MIL-P-10420A Plastic, Expanded, Unicellular, Elastomeric
MIL-P-11720B Protractor, Rectangular (Plastic, 1-3/4 inches by 6 inches)
MIL-P-12420 Plastic, Expanded, Unicellular, Elastomeric
MIL-P-13436A Filled Phenolic Sheet, Uncured
MIL-P-13491 Polystyrene Sheet, Rod and Tube
MIL-P-13607 Padding Materials, Resillient (For Packaging of Ammunition)
MIL-F-13256 Fiber, Rod (Sheet) for Small Arms Buffer Disks
MIL-P-13949D Copper Clad, Laminated Plastic Sheets (Paper Base and Glass Base)
MIL-M-14042B Adhesive, Epoxy
MIL-M-14077A Molding Plastic, Polytetrafluorethylene (TFE- Fluorocarbon Resin)
MIL-P-14118 Plastic, Cellulose-Acetate, Sheets, and Film
MIL-C-14297A carboy, Polyethylene in Plywood Drum
MIL-I-14511 Insulation Sheet, Cellular, Plastic, Thermal
MIL-P-14529A Pipe Thermoplastic; Rigid and Flexible Class (1) Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (2) Polyethylene (3) PVC Rigid (4) PVC Flexible (5) Polystyrene (6) Polyvinylidene Chloride (7) Polychlorotrifluoreothylene
MIL-F-14547 Faucets, Polyethylene
MIL-P-14591B Plastic Film, Non-Rigid, Transparent
MIL-P-15035C Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Cotton Reinforced
MIL-P-15047B Thermoset Phenolic resin Sheet, Nylon Reinforced
MIL-I-15126F Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive and Thermoset Adhesive
MIL-P-15280D Plastic Foam, Unicellular Sheet and Tubular Form, Elastometric
MIL-P-15364D Plastic Mix, Refractory (Water Wall Boiler, Chrome Ore Plastic)
MIL-M-15617A Mats, Fibrous Glass, for Reinforcing Plastics
MIL-P-15731C Plastic Mix, Refractory, Fire Clay, Super Duty
MIL-P-15742A Plugs, Plastic (Heat-Exchanger-Tube)
MIL-P-16413 Methyl Methacrylate Molding Materials
MIL-P-16414 Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Molding Materials
MIL-P-16416 Cellulose Acetate Molding Material
MIL-P-16591D Plastic Material, Cellular Polystyrene
MIL-S-16684A Surface Conditioner, Plastic (2-Methoxymethyl 2)
MIL-P-17091B Polyamide (Nylon) Resin Rods, Sheets and Parts
MIL-T-1717A Table Top, Plastic, Thermosetting Resin
MIL-P-17176 Cellulose Acetate Sheet
MIL-P-17549C Fibrous Glass Reinforced Plastic Laminates, For Marine Applications
MIL-P-17578 Packing Material, Plastic (For Dogs for Watertight Closures)
MIL-P-17638A Plastic Sheet, Polyvinylchloride, Rigid, High Impact
MIL-P-17721C Plastic Sheet, Laminated, Thermosetting, Glass Mat, Melamine Resin
MIL-C-17954 Cover, Plastic, Shipboard Lighting Fixutre Protective
MIL-17962B Plastic Sheet, Cast Acrylic Colored and White
MIL-P-18057A Insulation Sleeving, Flexible Silicone Rubber Coated Glass
MIL-P-18080 Vinyl, Flexible, Transparent, Optical Quality Cloth, Polyethylene, Aluminum Foil and Nylon Leno (Radar Reflective)
MIL-C-18097 Cloth, Polyethylene, Aluminum Foil and Nylon Leon (Radar Reflective)
MIL-P-18177C Thermoset Epoxy Sheet, Glass Reinforced
MIL-P-18324C Thermoset Phenolic, Cotton Reinforced, Moisture Resistant
MIL-N-18352 Nylon Plastic, Flexible Molded or Extruded
MIL-C-18366C Curtain, Shower, Vinyl Film
MIL-I-18622A Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive Silicone Rubber Treated Glass
MIL-I-18746A Insulation Tape, Glass Fabric TFE Coated
MIL-C-18767B Cleaning and Polishing Compound Transparent- Plastic Aircraft Materials
MIL-T-18830A Tile, Plastic, Fire Retardant
MIL-P-18901 Plug, Protective and Preservative, Plastic
MIL-M-19098 Molding Plastics, Polyamide (Nylon), and Molded and Extruded Polyamide Plastic
MIL-P-19119B Pipe Plastic, Rigid, Unplasticized, High Impact Polyvinylchloride
MIL-I-19161A Plastic Sheet, Teflon TFE and Glass Cloth Laminated
MIL-I-19166A Insulation Tape Electrical, Pressure Sensitive, High Temperature Glass
MIL-P-19336C Plastic Sheets, Polyethlene, Virgin and Borated, Neutron Shielding
MIL-P-19468A Plastic Rods Molded and Extruded Teflon TFE
MIL-L-19537C Lacquer, Acrylic-Nitrocellulose Gloss (For Aircraft Use)
MIL-P-1964A Plastic Foam, Molded Polystyrene (Expanded Bead Type)
MIL-P-19735B Molding, Acrylic, Colored and White, Heat Resistant, for Lighting Fixtures
MIL-H-19793B Havelock, Plastic
MIL-P-19833B Glass Filled Diallylpthialate Resin
MIL-P-19904 Plastic Sheet, ABS Copolymer Rigid
MIL-R-19907C Repair Kit, Glass Reinforced Plastic Laminate
MIL-C-19978B Capacitators, Fixed Plastic (or Paper-Plastic) Dielectric (Hermetically Sealed in Metallic, Ceramic, or Glass Cases) General Specification for
MIL-M-20693A Plastic Molding Material, Rigid Polyamide
MIL-A-21016D Adhesive, Linoleum and Plastic Tile
MIL-P-21094A Cellulose Acetate, Optical Quality
MIL-P-21105C Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Utility Grade
MIL-P-21347B Plastic Molding Material, Polystyrene, Glass Fiber Reinforced
MIL-M-21470 Polychlorotrefluorethylene Resin for Molding
MIL-M-21556 Molding Plastic and Molded Plastic Parts, Asbestos-Fiber Filled Arc- and Flame-Resistant Phenolic Resin
MIL-I-21557B Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Flexible Vinyl Treated Glass Fiber
MIL-C-21565A Clamp, Loop, Plastic, Wire Support
MIL-R-21607 Resins, Polyester, Low Pressure Laminating, Fire Resistant
MIL-G-21729A Glass-Fiber Base Laminate Epoxy Resin
MIL-P-21922A Plastic Rods and Tubes Polyethylene
MIL-P-21929A Plastic Material, Cellular Polyurethane, Rigid, Foam-in-Place Low Density
MIL-R-21931 Resin, Epoxy
MIL-P-22011 Pipe Fittings, Plastic, Rigid Unplasticized, High Impact, Polyvinylchloride
MIL-P-22035 Plastic Sheet, Polyethylene
MIL-P-22076A Insulation Sleeving Electrical, Fleixble Low Temperature
MIL-P-22096A Plastic, Polyamide (Nylon) Flexible Molding and Extrusion Material
MIL-I-22129C Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Non-Rigid, Teflon TFE Resin
MIL-P-22241A Plastic Sheet and Film, Teflon TFE
MIL-P-22242 Cancelled -- Refer to MIL-P-22241
MIL-T-22260 Tape, insulating Electrical, Pressure Sensitive, Etched Polytetrafluorethylene
MIL-P-22270 Plastic Film, Polyester, Polyethylene Coated (For (I.D. Cards)
MIL-P-22296 Plastic Tubes and Tubing, Heavy Wall, Teflon TFE Resin
MIL-P-22324A Thermoset Epoxy Resin Sheet, Paper Reinforced
MIL-M-22544 Superseded by L-P-1183 Plastic Molding Material, Acrylonitrite Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Rigid
MIL-T-22742 Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive, Teflon TFE Resin
MIL-P-22748A Plastic Material for Molding and Extrusion, High Density Polyethylene and Copolymers
MIL-P-22750A Epoxy-Polymide Chemical and Solvent Resistant for Weapon Systems
MIL-C-22751A Coating System, Epoxy-Polyamide, Chemical and Solvent Resistant
MIL-P-22581A Plastic Sheet, Vibration Damping (Type ML-D- Z)
MIL-I-22834A Insulation, Electrical Dielectric Barrier, laminated, Plastic Film and Synthetic Fiber Mat
MIL-I-233053A Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Flexible, Heat Shrinkable
MIL-T-23142 Film Tape, Pressure Sensitive
MIL-S-23190B Strap, Cable, Adjustable Plastic
MIL-P-23377A Primer Coating, Epoxy-Polyamide, Chemical and Solvent Resistant
MIL-P-23536 Plastic Sheets, Virgin and Borated Polyethylene
MIL-I-23954A Insulation Tape, Electrical, High Temperature, Teflon, Pressure Sensitive
MIL-P-23653 Plastic Sheet, Vibration Damping
MIL-A-24084 Adhesive, Plastic Sheet
MIL-I-24204 Nomex Film
MIL-P-24191 Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Colored and White, Heat Resistant Shipboard Application
MIL-R-25042B Resin, Polyester, High Temperature Resistant, Low Pressure, Laminating
MIL-A-25055 Adhesive, Acrylic Monomer and Polymer Base, for Acrylic Plastics
MIL-W-25361A Webbing, Textile, Polyester, Low Elongation
MIL-P-25374A Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Modified, Laminated
MIL-P-25395A Heat-Resistant, Glass Fiber Base Polyester Resin, Low Pressure Laminated Plastic
MIL-P-25421A Glass Fiber Base-Epoxy Resin Low Pressure Laminated Plastic
MIL-R-25506A Resin, Silicone, Low Pressure Laminating
MIL-P-25515B Plastic Materials, Phenolic-Resin Glass-Fiber Base, Low Pressure Laminated
MIL-P-25518A Silicone Resin, Glass Fiber Base, Low Pressure, Laminated Plastic
MIL-P-25690A Plastic Sheets and Parts, Modified Acrylic Base, Monolithic, Crack Propagation Resistant -- Covers Stretched Acrylic .060" through .675" in Thickness
MIL-P-25770A Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheet, Asbestos Reinforced
MIL-H-25597B Hose Assembly, Tetrafluoroethylene High Temperature; Power Plant Aircraft
MIL-C-26296 Cushioning Material, Packaging Synthetic Fibers
MIL-P-26514 Polyurethane Foam, Rigid or Elastic, for Packaging
MIL-P-26692 Plastic Tubes and Tubing, Polyethylene
MIL-B-26701A Bottles, Screw Cap and Carboys, Polyethylene, Flexible, Plastic
MIL-F-26862B Fiberboard, Solid, Non-Corrosive, Fungi Resistant for Interior Blocking
MIL-H-27267 Hose, Tetrafluoroethylene High Temperature, Medium Pressure
MIL-W-27300A Wire, Electrical, Polytetrfluoroethylene Insulated, Copper, 600 volt
MIL-S-27332 Seat Cushion Insert, Polyurethane Foam, Plstic, General General Specification For
MIL-P-27536 Plastic Sheet FEP Fluorocarbon Unfilled, Copper- Clad
MIL-P-27730A Tape, Anti-Seizing, Teflon TFE
MIL-C-36185 Cover, Pillow Plastic
MIL-H-38390A Hose Assembly, Tetrafluoroethylene, Pneumatic High Pressusre
MIL-D-40030A Drums, Plastic, Molded Polyethylene
MIL-P-40619 Plastic Material, Cellular, Polystyrene
MIL-C-43006B Cloth, Laminated, Vinyl-Nylon, High Strength, Flexible
MIL-P-43037 Thermoset Phenolic Resin Rod, Nylon Reinforced
MIL-T-43036 Tape, Pressure Sensitive, Filament Reinforced Plastic Film
MIL-B-43068A Bag-Liners, Polyethylene, 4 Mil Double Bag
MIL-P-43081 Plastic Low-Molecular Weight Polyethylene
MIL-P-46036 Chlorotrefluoroethlene Polymer-Sheets, Rods, and Tubes (Plaskon)
MIL-P-46040A Phenolic Sheet, Heat Resistant, Glass Fabric Reinforced
MIL-P-46041 Plastic Sheet, Flexible Vinyl
MIL-P-46097 Plastric Film, Polyvinyl Fluoride (Tedlar Film)
MIL-P-46019 Plastic Material, Polypropylene, Glass Fiber Reinforced
MIL-P-46112 Plastic Sheet and Strip, Polyimade H-Film
MIL-P-46120 Plastic Molding and Extrusion Material Polysulfone
MIL-P-46122 Plastic Molding Material, Polyvinylidene Fluoride -- Kynar
MIL-P-46129 Plastic Molding and Extrusion Materials, Polyphenylene Oxide Modified-Noryl
MIL-P-46131 Polyphenylene Oxide, Modified, Glass Filled
MIL-F-50449 Filler Sheet Form (For Use in Ammunition Containers)
MIL-P-52189 Thermoset Phenolic Resin Tube, Nylon Reinforced
MIL-P-55010 Plastic Sheet, Polyethylene Terephthalate
MIL-P-55617A Plastic Sheet, Thin Laminate, Metal-Clad
MIL-P-55028B Plastic, PolychloroTrifi-Fluoroethylene, Molding and Extrusion Material
MIL-P-55072A Plastic Sheets, Phenolic resin, Laminated, Thermosetting, Cotton-Fabric Base (For Missile Application)
MIL-P-81390 Plastic Molding Material, Polycarbonate, Glass Fiber Reinforced
MIL-G-82253A Gloves, Vinyl Dipped General Purpose (Water, Aviation Fuel, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oils)
MIL-P-82540 Polyester Resin, Glass Fiber Base, Filament Wound
MIL-P-46144 Plastic Sheet, Polycarbonate
MIL-P-83310 Plastic Sheet Carbonate Transparent
MIL-I-695B Fishpaper
HH-P-91A Fiber Sheet Vulcanized

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